What stores are WIC approved?


WIC stores are those grocery markets and drug stores which support and facilitate the Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) program. WIC is a nutritional education and benefit program for underfunded American families. The program promotes and provides access to a set of healthful dietary staples, such as milk and whole grain products. Some states, such as California, have listed local farmer's markets as WIC-approved vendors.
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It depends on the state/county where the WIC participant resides. You would have to contact your local WIC office to find out the specific details.
There isn't a list of stores, but the WIC program is available in all 50 states so I'd assume
You can search for WIC-approved grocery stores by city, county or zip code on this website. Go to: WIC Grocery Store Search?
You can get your WIC anywhere that sells formula. All stores accept WIC as payment. Walmart, drug stores, whatever.
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Most grocery stores are WIC approved. Also a lot of all in one stores such as Walmart and on a smaller scale, Dollar General stores. In general, stores that carry grocery items, not just convenience foods, are approved to accept WIC.
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