How to Choose a Wiccan Name?


You can choose a Wiccan name based on your personality or by using numerology. You can also use a Wiccan name generator to choose a name. For instance, a Wiccan name might be Iucrau Ucuantenna or Groitrixei Wiu.
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Think about what kind of person you are and what kind of person you would like to develop into. Write down some of the personality traits that you come up with. Many Wiccans find
1 Consider nicknames and words that you have felt attracted to. Your craft name will often find you, and words you feel connected to can help you identify it. Ad 2 List the words
Merry meet! Wicca is a religion, Not a language. : Blessed be )O( It doesn't "mean" anything. Upon entering the craft/wiccan community it is recommended that you pick a
It might be named after the delay experienced on networks or over the internet, which is called "lag". Embed Quote
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Choosing a Wiccan name, or True name as they call it, is a deeply personal experience done right. It is to represent your soul, your self, and thus you should ...
Wicca Spirituality is a website that has a list of Wiccan names and also there meanings. You can choose a Wiccan name depending on how you like the name and what ...
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