How to Make Bows with Wide Ribbon?


A person can make bows with wide ribbon by cutting a 12 inch wire. A 3 inch loop should also be created. The wire should be slid through the center loop.
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1. Cut a 12-inch piece of wire, and set aside. Cut a 6-foot piece of ribbon. Make a 1-inch loop 12 inches from the end of the ribbon. Pinch the loop, and hold it firmly between the
This is tricky to describe but easy to accomplish. You need your ribbon and a piece of flexible wire. A pair of pliers is nice, but not entirely necessary. Using your non dominate
What seems most important is that there is a shared EHR behind these applications - otherwise we are adding to the massive fragmentation. We need lots of apps but not lots of EHR
Stores that sell material will sell the ribbon.
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