How to Make a Styrofoam Wig Head?


To make a Styrofoam wig head, gt a Styrofoam block that is slightly larger than your head and neck. Draw an outline of your head on the Styrofoam -- front, back, right side, left side, and top. Carefully cut the Styrofoam and use a sand paper to smoothen rough areas.
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1. Purchase a rectangular block of Styrofoam that is slightly larger than your head and neck. 2. The outline does not have to be exact so long as it is close. Draw the outline of
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The Ancient Egyptians, or Egyptians shaved their heads and then wore wigs because of Egypt's hot climate they had to wear wigs to protect themselves from the sun. Fleas and lice were
Bald head wigs are wigs that are used to make someone appear to be bald. Go ChaCha!
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Wig cap, Styrofoam head, hair, hair bonding gel, and hair comb are the tools you need to make a wig. After placing the wig cap on the Styrofoam head, add the bonding ...
Some things you'll need to make your homemade wig include a Styrofoam head display, wig cap, hair-bonding glue, a comb and of course hair. Be sure to only cut ...
1. Keep the wig stored on a wig stand when it's not in use. A Styrofoam "head" is inexpensive and can be set up on a shelf to hold up the wig. Such & ...
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