What is the price per pound of wild ginseng in North Carolina?


The price per pound of wild ginseng in North Carolina will change as the futures market changes, however, as a general price comparison it is based on the root yield. For a 50 pound yield, it can gross about $13,000 with a Net Income of about $9,232. This gives a price per pound of about $260 gross and $184 Net. Overall, that is about $222 per pound.
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yes i have years ago i did some research on ginseng and found out theirs two kinds Koren and American Koren is the stuff that goes in every ting that you see its grows pretty much
The current price at $400 or more per pound is
I was curious if anyone knows if ginseng prices are projected to be comparible to prices this year. Tags: Ginseng Wild Ginseng Root
The starting price of wild ginseng should be around $1000.00 If it is good quality and of mature age.
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