Will a Notarized Document Hold up in Court?


Yes, a notarized document will hold up in court. Notarizing a document involves a third party authenticating the document. This will add to the legality of the document so that it will have a better chance of standing up in court.
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Your question in and of its self is pointless. All a notary is doing is witnessing the fact that you are the person he saw sign the paper. The contents are immaterial to the notary.
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Will a Notarized Document Hold Up in Court?
The act of notarizing a document exists to add legal weight to a document by having a third party authenticate the signatures on it, according to Investopedia. Simply notarizing a document does not make it legally binding.... More »
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A legally binding document is a document that is legally binded by the court of law. For a document to be legally binding, it must be verifiably authentic, which ...
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