Will Lime Repel Snakes?


Up to now, there are still no concluded studies that has proven that lime can be used to repel snakes. Along with lime, other remedies that fail to repel snakes are gourd vines, moth balls, sulfur, cedar oil, a tacky bird repellent, cayenne pepper spray, sisal rope, coal tar and creosote, liquid smoke, artificial skunk scent, and musk.
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Snakes can be repelled by strong odors, including naphtalene (the substance found in moth balls) Leave moth balls in areas where snakes are getting in. Moth balls are toxic to humans
To discourage them from taking up residence on your property, start by eliminating their desired environments. Make sure your lawn is mowed and not overgrown with high weeds. Cut
The best snake repellent is mothballs. Place one or two mothballs in the areas
For most people, mothballs are used in the closet and in cabinets or drawers to keep clothes from being eaten by small insects. Some people, however, claim that mothballs may be used
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According to pest professionals, the idea that lime will repel snakes is a myth. There is no research whatsoever that lime keeps snakes away. In fact lime can be dangerous for humans.
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Lime does not keep snakes away in fact there is no powder or liquid that can be used that will repel snakes around your property. There are however certain things ...
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