Will Neutering My Dog Calm Him down?


Neutering your dog may help calm him down and make him less aggressive. However, neutering does not achieve this in all cases. Neutering does help with issues of scent marking, roaming around, and often does curb hyperactivity.
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1. Massage the dog, moving your hands soothingly in a circular motion from the tops of its ears all the way to its tail. The dog will more than likely lie down and close its eyes,
Recovery and normal behavior for dogs after
Neutering very commonly "calms a dog down" but there are no guarantees in that, of course.
Sometimes after they have been neutered, like after a week or two, they still have the ability to want to mate and they can still impregnate another dog, so u gotta be careful. Source
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Neutering a male dog may cause him to be less aggressive and less likely to bite. However, the key to getting him to calm down is good training.
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Neutering your dog will actually make it less aggressive, aggression is most common in male animals because of the hormone testosterone. Neutering reduces the ...
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