Will Polyester Shrink in the Dryer?


Polyester can shrink in the dryer if constantly exposed to very high heat. It is best to dry polyester in low to medium heat to prevent the shrinkage. If you are looking to shrink it wash it on the hottest temp and dry on highest heat temp.
Q&A Related to "Will Polyester Shrink in the Dryer?"
Polyester is not supposed to shrink.
1. Prepare all polyester garments for washing by checking any and all clothing pockets for loose change, wrappers and other unwanted items. Forgetting to remove these items from pockets
1 Turn the garment inside-out. Before washing or drying the garment, you should turn it inside-out to prevent the colors from fading. While polyester has a resistance to both fading
I'm sorry, but polyester does not shrink. It was developed in the 60's for color fastness, durablity.and the ability to hold it's shape. You will have to have the hat altered to your
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