Will rock salt kill grass?


Rock salt will kill grass and keep it away for years, according to SFGate. It is also a way to kill weeds in the yard.

Rock salt is a permanent way to rid a section of landscape of grass. By placing just a little over the area, the salt will leech into the ground and sterilize it.

This method will keep any vegetative growth from coming through the ground, whether it is grass, weeds or flowers.

Rock salt can be placed around pavers and borders. Another way to apply it is by mixing 1 cup of rock salt and 1 gallon of hot water in a sprayer.

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1. Combine one cup of salt with two cups of warm water in a single bowl. 2. Stir the mixture well with the spoon until all of the salt has dissolved into the water and you can no
Rock salt will kill most grasses, there are a few varieties of grass that are more salt tolerant than others though.
Salt is not the best stuff to use. It may work but won't be as effective as a weedkiller designed for drives, eg Pathclear if you're in the UK, which will not only kill the weeds
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Rock Salt to Kill Grass
For many homeowners, the ideal lawn is full of lush, green grass. Yet, if your landscaping vision excludes grass, rock salt is the answer. Known also as table salt, rock salt dries out grass and weeds, depriving them of needed moisture and kills grass... More »
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