Does table salt kill fleas?


It is possible to kill fleas using table salt. In order to kill fleas with regular table salt, a generous amount of salt should be sprinkled over any carpeted areas of the floor.

The reason that table salt kills fleas is that when the fleas eat the salt, the salt causes the fleas to dry out and die. For best results, salt should be left on carpeted areas for up to 24 hours. This ensures the majority of active fleas eat salt and eventually die. After 24 hours, the carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly. It is important to note that while table salt does kill active, living fleas, it does not kill flea larvae. It is possible for flea larvae to live for up to a year, so it is best to use measures that effectively kill both fleas and flea larvae.

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Will Salt Kill Fleas?
Salt will kill fleas if it is evenly applied throughout a carpet, left for several days, and then vacuumed up after about a week. Rake highly refined salt into a home carpet to kill fleas with instructions from a certified exterminator and arborist in... More »
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