Will There Be People Living on the Moon by the Year 2020?


In 2020, a space shuttle will launch off to oversee the plans to make the moon habitable by 2024, but no one will be living there by 2020.
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build houses on the moon and then you will live there.
Not only do I want my flying car, but I want the food capsules where you just add a drop of water and it turns into a complete meal. Didn't they promise us these things in the 60'
It will be a few more years since right now it would cost of over $...
If we can provide the atmosphere (e.g. with the biodomes suggested) it has been suggested that plants could grow in Moon soil: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/h. i/73514. Given that moving
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By 2024, people might be able to inhabit the moon. These plans will commence in 2020 by the launching of the first manned mission to Earth?s satellite, in two generations.
No one will be able to live on the moon by 2020. However, the first manned mission to Earth?s satellite in two generations will blast off by 2020 to start work on an outpost that eventually will be occupied permanently, according to NASA.
It is not clear whether there will be people living on the moon by 2020. However, NASA, which is an organization that specializes on space technology and studies have plans to have someone living on the moon by 2024. The first people on the moon were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the space rocket Apollo II.
By 2020, no one will be living on the moon but there will be constructions going on to make it habitable by 2024 (hopefully).
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