Will there be a widespread adoption of social selling amongst inside sales teams in 2012?

Do you think 2012 will be the year that companies will see greater adoption of social selling techniques amongst their inside sales reps?


Steven Moore (SMS)
Yes- if you mean use the tools that companies are making that monitor conversations about their brand, topic or issue and put a follow up task as part of their sales call program. No- if you mean develop relationships with these channels for top loading a sales funnel that is long term focused.
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Michael A Brown (President, BtoBEngage)
Hi Lauren! Some will adopt, but most will not.

Those that will not include highly-structured groups whose metrics do not provide for variance from the “heads-down, press the buttons” inside sales model. Likewise, groups whose leadership views inside sales as a discipline unto itself, or whose group does not enjoy equality of membership in the company’s marketing-sales community.

Those that will include relatively small and nimble inside teams with leadership that views inside sales “expansively,” i.e., groups that recognize that stand-alone phone cannot stand in an integrated marketing-sales environment.

I am convinced that social selling, integrated wisely and with realistic inside sales “rules of engagement” can provide a nice competitive and operational lift … a big advantage for progressive companies!
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