Will Vinegar Kill a Plant?


If you apply a lot of straight vinegar yes it will kill a plant, many people kill unwanted weeds this way. It will change the Ph balance of the plant. If vinegar is highly diluted it can be used on some plants to kill pests and fungus or as a nutrient. You can find more information here: http://www.versatilevinegar.org/usesandtips.html
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1. Cover plants you wish to keep with a moisture-proof plastic tarp or garbage bag. Cover the ground around the plant with plastic so the vinegar does not contaminate it and kill
Vinegar is acidic. This damages the plant in thee ways. 1. Direct change in the acidity of the soil, damaging the root system tissues directly. 2. Vinegar changes the pH of the soil
1 Wear protection. White distilled vinegar is safe, non-toxic and organic, but may irritate your skin with prolonged contact. To protect your hands from the acid in the vinegar and
1. Locate the mealy bugs. They tend to nest where the leaves attach to the stem, underneath the leaves and along the stem itself. 2. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. 3. Dab the
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