Will vinegar kill fleas?


Vinegar kills fleas. Distilled white vinegar as well as apple cider vinegar are demonstrated effective at killing fleas on dogs and cats. One method is to add vinegar to a pet's drinking water.

In the case of a dog, a teaspoon of vinegar is added to a quart of water for every 40 pounds the animal weighs. In dealing with fleas on a cat, about a half a teaspoon is added to the same amount of water. Vinegar or either type is suitable for application directly to an animals fur as a means of ridding the pet of fleas. The dog or cat needs to be confined and monitored after the application. Once the vinegar dries, the coat is combed and the animal bathed.

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1. Eliminate the fleas on your pet. Fill a pitcher with warm water and add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Bathe your pet as normal and rinse it off. Pour the vinegar solution
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Fleas are flat-looking insects that usually live on animals or in carpet. There are a very large majority of shampoos and powders to rid any area or pet of fleas.
You may be desperate to learn how to kill fleas in a carpet, but don't freak out. Ridding your carpet of fleas can be easily accomplished if you're persistent and patient. You'll
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How to Use Vinegar to Kill Fleas
Though tiny, fleas are a big problem for pets and owners. Once they enter a new environment via their host, they are difficult to remove. They will multiply quickly and can be found wherever the host visits. Many of the commercial anti-flea products are... More »
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