William Paterson's Views on Slavery?


William Paterson's view on slavery was that he wanted it abolished. The new constitution elaborated on abolishing slavery. William Paterson was a representative from New Jersey.
Q&A Related to "William Paterson's Views on Slavery?"
William Paterson did not view slavery as something that should be allowed. !
He viewed the constitution as a fair document. That everyone who participated with it got a certain role, and part of it. It was divided with equalality.
In a debate over representation, William Paterson of New Jersey pointed out that the Congress under the Articles of Confederation "had been ashamed to use the term 'Slaves' &
Q. How did he become involved with stopping slavery A. After leaving Cambridge at the age of 20, he went into politics, supporting the Tory government led by Pitt. Five years later,
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