How Much Is a Winchester Model 12 Shotgun Worth?


The worth of Winchester Model 12 Pump shotgun depends on many factors such as its condition. It may cost around $695 as of January 2013. It is available on antique gun stores.
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anywhere from $250 to $1200. a mildly used shotgun like the model 12 with no scratches and very good bluing that has a clean barrel would fetch about $800.
It depends on the year it was made and the condition of the gun, but some are worth $2000 or more! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:36AM EST. Source
Winchester started making the model 12 back in.1912. There are many factory variations of the shotgun; vent rib, solid rib, no rib, checkered, recoil pad, various fixed chokes, cutts
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