Winchester Model 94?


The value of a Winchester Model 94 will depend on many factors. Some of the factors to consider will be the condition of the gun, and the year it was made. Some Winchester Model 94's sell for over $1000 while others may only be worth about $100.
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A Winchester Model 1894 (which is also known as a Winchester 94) is a lever action rifle. Browning designed it in 1894, and it soon became one of the more popular hunting rifles.
Winchester model 94 is the 1894 Winchester 30-30 lever action carbine. America's
I have seen them sold for around $1,000. Many are asking 2 or 3 times that much, but the market doesn't seem to be in that range. Personally, i'd be buying at $750, and selling at
The various auction sites can give you an idea. It lost it's value to commerative collectors as soon as it was shot. It's worth now is as a shooter.
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The value of a Winchester Model 94 in good condition is about $300. These Winchesters are fairly common. ...
A Winchester model number 94 is valued at around 200 and 350 dollars depending on the condition and where it is sold at. Most places people can sell this at is ...
The .32 Winchester model 94 32 ws is a rimmed cartridge bullet. It was create in October 1901. the Winchester model 94 32 ws is about 114 years old from now. ...
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