Winchester Model 94 32 Ws?


The .32 Winchester model 94 32 ws is a rimmed cartridge bullet. It was create in October 1901. the Winchester model 94 32 ws is about 114 years old from now.
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Look at the underside of the receiver up by where it meets the wooden fore stock. The number stamped into the metal is the serial number. Go to the web site: "Winchester Database
Your Winchester - #1130584.…. Was manufactured in 1940.
With out a serial number provided in your question,the best that I can do is say that the Winchester model 1894AE(angle eject) was made from 1983 onward.
Winchester introduced the Model 1894 in October of 1894 in 38-55. In November of the same year, the 32-40 was added, and in May of 1895, the 30 W.C.F. (a.ka. 30-30) was introduced
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