Winchester Model 94 Price List?


The book price for a Winchester Model 94 rifle would depend on when it was made, and what condition it is currently in. Some used models that were made after 1894 sell for approximately $600. If it happens to be a mint condition 'pre-64' model, the value is much closer to $2,000 and up.
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your question cannot be answered with any certain degree of value,without you providing a serial number to age your rifle(this has a bearing on the value) and a detailed description
Winchester model 94 is the 1894 Winchester 30-30 lever action carbine. America's
Your pre-64 winchester model 1894 which was produced in 1941 has been selling for between 375-500 dollars depending on the overall condition of your rifle,and a good bore. has sn data. The serial number will tell you the date of manufacture. Go to this site:
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The value of a Winchester Model 94 will depend on many factors. Some of the factors to consider will be the condition of the gun, and the year it was made. Some ...
The .32 Winchester model 94 32 ws is a rimmed cartridge bullet. It was create in October 1901. the Winchester model 94 32 ws is about 114 years old from now. ...
A Winchester model 94AE 30-30 is a very popular handgun. It's widely used for deer hunting. Most would sell on the open market these days for roughly around three ...
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