How do I find the Winchester model 94 price list?


The book price for a Winchester Model 94 rifle would depend on when it was made, and what condition it is currently in. Some used models that were made after 1894 sell for approximately $600. If it happens to be a mint condition 'pre-64' model, the value is much closer to $2,000 and up.
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your question cannot be answered with any certain degree of value,without you providing a serial number to age your rifle(this has a bearing on the value) and a detailed description
Winchester model 94 is the 1894 Winchester 30-30 lever action carbine. America's
with the serial number that you supplied,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1967.
The various auction sites can give you an idea. It lost it's value to commerative collectors as soon as it was shot. It's worth now is as a shooter.
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