How much is a Winchester Ranger Model 120 worth?


How much the Winchester Ranger Model 120 is worth depends on the condition the gun is in. There were only approximately 5000 of these guns sold from 1986 to 1987. The value for the Winchester Ranger Model 120 would be around between $100 to $300.
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The Winchester ranger model 120 is selling for between 90-180 dollars at this time.
Your Winchester 120 is a discontinued model. It lists in the Blue Book of Gun Values for $180 in 98% condition, $165 for 95% $140 for 90% and $110 for 80% condition. Expect to get
A used in good condition Winchester Model 120 is worth anywhere
The model 120 ranger in 10, 12, 16 gauge is a moderately valuable gun, A 20 Gauge is actually somewhat of a rare instance concerning the fact that only 1500 of the 120 rangers were.
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There are many companies that made Ranger rifles. Winchester, Savage, Smith and Wesson and Marlin. If there is no model number on the rifle then it was most likely ...
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