Winchester Rifle Serial Numbers?


Serial numbers are required by the law to be stamped on each and every gun, including Winchester rifles. These serial numbers help track where the gun was made or manufactured. The serial number is registered to a person when they buy or obtain the gun. If the gun is used in a crime and recovered by law enforcement officials, the serial number can be traced back to the person it belongs to or registered to.
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You will need to give the model number, as Winchester started each new model with serial #1.
1990 is the year of a Winchester model 90
Searching for the year, make, model and history of your Winchester rifle should be done through a professional gun dealer. Locate your serial number by looking for the listed numbers
mine is 608xxxxxx and it was made in 1993 so id say early 90's like 92 or 91.The last serial number for the year 1991 was 6,008,296.I agree that your rifle was most likely made in
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