What are some window scarf ideas?


When thinking up ideas on how to dress a window, window scarves are usually considered. There are many styles to choose from along with different weights, thicknesses, and lengths. An elegant brass curtain rod would match well with a vintage-inspired scarf. Floral scarves would look good in a sun room. They drape down over the window but aren't pulled closed like normal blinds. They can be paired well with venetian blinds and pull down shades.
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1. Measure to see how long the scarf must be to hang properly. To do this, you should first measure the length of your pole, for example 84 inches. Next decide how much material you
1 Measure the width of your window. Consider how far down you want the window scarf to fall when measuring the length of your window. Choose the fabric and desired design for your
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Window Scarf Ideas
In many ways, the window scarf is the most perfect type of window treatment: it's cheap, easy to hang and instantly gives a room a striking appearance. It romantically frames the window, yet doesn't obscure any light. You can purchase a window scarf... More »
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