What is the winner-take-all system?


A winner-take-all system is a type of electoral system in which the individual with the most votes, whether or not a majority is achieved, is the absolute winner. The electoral college system of electing the U.S. President is an example of a winner-take-all system.

Each U.S. state is allocated a certain number of electoral votes. Historically, the candidate that wins a particular state receives all of that state's electoral votes, rather than an amount based on a proportion of actual votes received. The U.S. electoral college system can potentially result in a presidential candidate actually winning the popular vote across the country but still losing the election because of the winner-take-all structure of the system.

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The "Winner Take All" system refers to our electoral system where the winner of
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In a winner-takes-all system, the winner of the statewide popular vote receives all of that state's electoral votes.
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