When did Nelson and Winnie Mandela divorce?


Nelson and Winnie Mandela divorced in 1996. They were married in 1958, and their marriage spanned Nelson's 27 years in prison. They separated in 1992.

Nelson Mandela, who was the president of South Africa when the court proceedings for the divorce took place, testified that his wife was having an affair and never entered his bedroom while he was awake. A newspaper editor revealed correspondence that was evidence of Winnie Mandela's infidelity. Nelson Mandela sought the divorce due to his embarrassment of having a marriage in name only and his distaste for the way in which his wife took "opportunities at public functions to show affection for him."

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I heard somewhere that Winnie cheated on him while he was in prison and that she had a lover when he got out, so they divorced.
The 38-year marriage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela formally ended in 1996 when he asked for a divorce. It was reported that Mrs Mandela was having an affair with lawyer Dali Mpofu.
They had grown apart during his quarter century in prison and were different people when he got out again . Plus her activities in Soweto like the killing of the boy Stompie Moeketse
Unlike Madiba, of whom I am a great fan, I have never been a fan of Winnie. In fairness, she was a product of her time and place. The bitterness of what she went through must have
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