Winter Adjectives?


Some words that describe winter are: arctic, bare, barren, below zero, biting, bitter cold, bleak, blustery, bored, chilling, chilly, clear, cloudy, cold, cozy, crackling. crisp, crunchy, crystalline, numb, overcast, polar, powdery, pure white, rainy, sleet, slippery, slushy, snowbound, snowy, freezing, frigid, frostbitten, frosty, frozen, gray, harsh, hypothermic, ice cold, icy, wet, and cold.
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Some words are: cold, white, blustery, slippery, wet, windy, snowy, beautiful, frigid, freezing, slushy, cloudy, shiny. But more describing words are: Chilly. Freezing. Icy. Frosty.
Here are some winter adjectives for you: cold, windy, bites, shivering, snowy,
I think the word you're looking for is "hibernal" Another one is "brumal" pertaining to the shortest day. And just in case you need these next year; for summer
snow is white, soft, and flaky. winter is cold that's all i can think of right now i am sorry but i hoped i helped!
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