Winter Citronella Plants?


Citronella plants need special care during winter to keep healthy. To care for the plant during winter, keep it inside when the temperatures starts to drop in a cool place. Move it close to the window towards the light. Water and fertilize the plant.
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1. Choose an area in full sun in which to plant the citronella. Since the plant is hardy to the warmer zones – 10 and 11 on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness
Citronella is frost tender. It is actual a sented geranium if that helps you any. You have three choices: 1 - leave it outside and let it die when the frost kills it off. 2- take
Use as anti-repellent to mosquitoes.
Keeping Tropical Plants Safe In Winter. I live in a cold region and I always take my least hardy plants inside. I keep them in a cool place, out of direct sun. I keep them on the
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How to Care for Citronella Plants in the Winter
Often promoted as a citronella or mosquito plant, citronella-scented geraniums release intense fragrance when the leaves are disturbed. Although research has determined that the claims by commercial growers of this plant's amazing ability to repel... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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