What is a wire color code?


The standard wiring color code says that blue is always DC and red is always AC. However, different items may use a red wire for something else. It's best to look at any instructions that come along with the item that needs wiring to make sure that you don't cross wires. In general, a green wire is a ground wire because it resembles grass and grass is on the ground. A white wire is considered to be a neutral wire.
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Home electrical wiring uses a common color scheme, which is useful when installing or maintaining a reliable electrical design in a household. Different colors represent different
To identify the type and purpose of a circuit. Certain "markings" are required by codes and others by utility companies.
For trailer wires, the back up lights are the purple wire, right stop and
In USA an AC light fixture isn't polarized, so color-matching wires is not required.
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