How to Cover Wire Hangers?


There are several options for covering wire hangers. They can be covered with cloth, crocheted or macrame'd. Instructions and examples of each method are available online.
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Make a Buckydome (aka Geodesic dome. Wire hangers would be ideal for this, and last a lot longer than the paper I've used in the past. It would also mean that you never make the hideous
You don't. Cheap metals not designed for heat should not be used for branding. Soldering kits do not work either. Check out BME online to network with people who can give you more
Wire hangers are not a gay thing. A lot of people use them, but they are definitely
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Projects With Wire Hangers
Wire coat hangers got a bad rap in the movie "Mommy Dearest" starring Faye Dunaway; they were portrayed as an object not worthy of any respectable closet. While wire coat hangers are now the butt of some jokes stemming from the 1981 movie, their sturdy... More »
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