How to Wire a Baseboard Heater?


Baseboard heaters are an economical way to heat your home. The best place to install baseboard heaters is under your windows. Ensure that the heaters run the length of your windows.
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1. Place an old towel between the pry bar and the wall and carefully pry the baseboard off the wall. The towel protects the wall from being scuffed or dented by the pry bar. Locate
Connect the black to black, white to black, and ground to green. It doesn't matter which black in the unit goes with the black or white in the wall. Turn the circuit breaker off before
Baseboard heater thermostats are a great way of regulating the temperature of a room. Baseboard heaters can have the thermostats connected directly to the heater or mounted externally
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As with any electronic device before installing a baseboard heater make sure you turn off the power. Not doing that can lead to injuries and even death. Also check ...
You will need to run a new electrical circuit to wire baseboard heaters. Run the circuit wiring to the thermostat first, if it has a wall mounted type. Then run ...
To wire a baseboard heater you have to make sure that the power cord is connected to the negative and positive wires. The heater will not work if the wires are ...
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