How do you use a wiring diagram for a 220 air compressor?


It ultimately depends on the model of the 220 air compressor as to how you can go about wiring it. You probably will not be able to plug it in directly into a wall outlet. Rather, you need to rewind the motor if you intend to do so.
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Things You'll Need. Anchors and lag bolts. 10-gauge 3-conductor cable. 10-gauge 3-conductor extension cord wire. Solderless ring terminals. Wire nuts. Available 30-amp 220-volt circuit
Dave, I need to know what the current draw is on the compressor at 240 volts and if the motor is "thermally protected" You'll find this information on the motor name plate
When wire up a 220 volt compressor look for the red and black hook ups. But if you have a white wire which is a neutral hook that up also to the ground along with the red and black.
Don,t have a cord on it ? buy a 220 volt out let, if you have to ask get some one that knows how to do it, Source(s) electrician.
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