How do I find out if I have a warrant in Wisconsin?


In Wisconsin, a person can check warrants in the circuit court. Access to many records are available online. It is the Consolidated Court Automation Programs systems.
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Instructions. Go to the CCAP website and click "I Agree.". Enter your last, first and middle name into the corresponding fields. Enter your date of birth into the "
A bench warrant in ANY state is a warrant issued directly by the court, on its own authority, to take the named individual into custody.
The warrant means that the judge wants to see you. Go see the judge, explain your absence, and the warrant will be dismissed. Bring receipts from out of town, hotel bills, the funeral
It is a warrant issued by the
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Wisconsin's Laws on Warrants
Warrants are issued by the courts and served to defendants who face certain charges of violations. In Wisconsin, an arrest can be performed with or without warrant. The warrant can also be sent to someone whose property or space must be searched to... More »
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