How do you clean your hair using witch hazel?


Cleaning hair with witch hazel can balance out the hydration level of the hair freeing it from frizz and giving it shine. Witch hazel is a distilled oil derived from the leaves of the eponymous tree. Having medicinal properties, witch hazel can also reduce irritation of hair follicles that can inhibit new growth.

Witch hazel is used in many commercial hair care products and can be found in shampoos and hair sprays, to name a few. Since it is from a plant used to make medicines, it can benefit the scalp as well as the hair, relieving conditions such as itchy scalp, eczema or skin breaks. If hair has too much sebum, then witch hazel can cut that, while giving it moisture.

A homemade hair product can be created by using a favorite shampoo and water with equal amounts of witch hazel. For hair already in braids that cannot be treated with a traditional shampoo, mix equal parts of water, either tap or distilled, and witch hazel, then apply with a cotton ball, leaving the braids intact. In a spray bottle, this mixture can be applied to freshen up hair between shampoos, lending the coiffure a fresh, clean look, while controlling the frizz.

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