How do you use a Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker?


In order to use a Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker you will need to put the correct amount of water that the recipe calls for in the cooker. Add the food making sure it doesn't pass the 2/3 mark on the cooker. Always add the meat first as it takes the longest to cook.
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The problem is a Signal Switch Malfunction. It has to do with the power switch and the pressure switch from what I have been able to find out. Mine doesn't have a pressure problem
There doesn't seem to be any legit way of fixing this. I tinkered with the pressure sensors and valves, kicked the pressure cooker a few times, still the E4 error presented itself
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Try contacting the company at this link: info/contact-us. Kat. . *caseycat*. 37 months ago.
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