Are women better parents than men?


Women are not better parents than men, but neither are men better parents than women. They are just different types of parents, according to Psychology Today. Women are innately nurturing, so they tend to understand and relate to emotional situations more than men. Men, on the other hand, are innately protectors and providers from an intangible standpoint, and they tend to present more leadership qualities than women.

Satoshi Kanazawa makes the argument in Psychology Today that women are better parents than men. The phrase "Mommy's baby, Daddy's maybe" is the basis of Kanazawa's argument. From an evolutionary and psychological perspective, he argues that women are better parents because the child is innately more important to the mother than the father. This bond starts through the months between conception and childbirth. Throughout a mother's pregnancy, a symbiotic connection is developed that fathers are unable to secure. Once the child is born, the mother is already nine months into being heavily dedicated to the child. The father, on the other hand, must start his process once the baby is born. Kanazawa also argues that the pure certainty of maternity gives mothers the advantage because paternity is always uncertain from a physical standpoint.

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