Do women laugh when a man is kicked in the groin?


Some women laugh when a man is kicked in the groin while others don't. Intense will be felt when men are kicked in the groin because it is the most sensitive part of the male body. However, there are some men who find it to be a sexual turn-on to be kicked in that region.
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it is one sure way of defending oneself, or getting the guys attention, or letting him know when his has gone past the line of decency.
In the first instance the physical pain but more than that it is the mental agony as the social set up in India does not accept a woman kicking a man
Answer 1. I like insanity movies: The insanity of politics: The Manchurian Candidate (1962) The insanity of racism: To Kill a Mockingbird. The insanity of religion: Monty Python and
you got to be kidding me! one kick in the groin can't stop a men,most of the guys fall on their knees because they don't want to attack the girl and only do it to defend themselves.
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