What are some slogans for women's rights?


According to Women's News website, two slogans for women's rights are “women's rights are human rights” and “violence against women violates human rights.” The first slogan was created in 1988 by a coalition group in the Philippines called GABRIELA.

Women's News states that the slogan “violence against women violates human rights” was used by the Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights during a petition in 1991. This group was petitioning the lack of women's rights issues that were addressed during the 1993 United Nations World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna.

The slogan struck a nerve with people who helped bring women's rights front and center during the Vienna conference. Women's News states that this petition was eventually translated into 23 different languages and sponsored by groups and organizations in 124 countries. By the time the petition finished, it gained nearly 500,000 signatures from around the world.

Despite the strides that women's rights have made, Women's News says that there is a lot of change that is needed. In the UN Women's 2011-2012 Report on Progress of the World's Women, the report showed that women around the world were not receiving justice for crimes committed against them. The report states that justice is an essential element in the fight for women's rights.

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