Wood Cleaning for Unfinished Wood?


Unfinished wood is more prone to damage and thus needs to be cleaned gently. You can use a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner first. Sand the wood, switching to a finer sandpaper, and wipe the wood with a cloth.
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1. Vacuum the unfinished wood. It is best to use a soft brush attachment when vacuuming so that you don't damage the wood; this is especially important when cleaning unfinished soft
If you are talking about black finger marks on the doors, that is more likely due to cooking grease, butter and the like. Wash it as best as you can with soap and water and dry that
Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative, can be used on fin...
Overview Mold growth on unfinished wood surfaces is typically the result of poor ventilation or dampness. Although mold does not actually damage wood beyond discoloration, it can
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How to Clean Unfinished Wood
Unfinished wood is porous, and it soaks up grease and oil like a sponge, which is why most wood around the house has some type of protective coating. If you have paneling made of cedar, though, a finish will prevent the natural aromas from circulating.... More »
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