How to Build a Wood Easel?


In order to build a wooden easel, you need to be good at carpentry. You need three slender rods of wood. Next, you need to connect them about one third of the way down.
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1. Cut a 15-degree angle in the tops of the two pieces of 2-by-3 that are 41 3/16 inches long, using the circular saw. These are the front two legs of the easel. 2. Place the front
The benefit of purchasing a wooden easel is that it is more durable than a plastic easel. Wooden easels are long lasting and reflect the natural light of art.
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Homemade Wood Easel Plans
If you are beginning your career as an artist, odds are you don't have a lot of money for supplies. You'll most likely want to spend your funds on paint and canvas for your masterpieces. But you'll also need an easel for painting. If you want to save... More »
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