How to Act and Look like a Wood Elf?


To act and look like a wood elf you have to absorb how to use a bow and arrow, don't be frightened to stand up and fight for your right. Have fun like standing or sitting on the trees like the elves did, dress jewels and trinkets with leaves trees on them. Make your hair long enough or French braid them. They were the first army of Good that made up past about 250 points and were the first power to grow in War of the Ring.
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a wood elf is a tall humanoid creature that is very smart and intelligent, and also build there homes in the woods. Only the women can rule over there civilization. they also let
1. Try to act mature. Just because you're mature doesn't mean you can't have fun. 2. Be kind to everyone and everything. Never. harm a living creature that doesn't have any reason
Wood elf is a race in the Elder Scrolls video game. They are various barbarian Elven clanfolk of
The first town you go to after you escape the headsmans block has a wood elf in it or try to go to the forest of Valenwood.
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