What Is the Price Per Ton of Wood Pellets?


The price for wood pellets per ton varies depending on the grade of wood and the retailer. They can be found for about $200 a ton or less, but they can also be sold at much higher prices such as $350 a ton.
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Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 325-399 dollars per ton as of 8/08. Jackson, Michigan: $268.58/ton as of 8/30/08 at Lowe's where we bought our pellet stove. We went through three ton last
1. Find a company that you want to buy your wood pellets from such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Pennington Seed, or other online stores depending on the area where you live. Most
Your best bet would be to check with your local recycling company. One website
We pay about $250 a ton here in Alaska (from Lowe's or Home Depot) IT comes in prepackaged 40lb bags. I've seen those machines on YouTube and the production rate is not that impressive
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The price per ton of wood pellets will depend on where they are purchased. Contractors often get a discount when buying in bulk. The average cost as of January 2013 is between $250 and $300.
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