How Do You Stretch Out a Wool Sweater That's Been Shrunk in the Wash?


When wool gets wet with warm water like in the wash, it can shrink. The best way to stretch a shrunk wool sweater is to soak it in a tub of cool water and hair conditioner, and pull it back into shape. You can also try warm water and mild soap.
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1Mix 2 tbsp. baby shampoo in a sink full
1. Place a large brown paper bag under the sweater before you begin washing it. Draw the outline of the sweater on it, to see how large the sweater was before starting and how much
it depends on where you plan on getting it? cheapest is probably going to be about $20 then up to about $279.00 for a waterproof one. just depends!
1 Look for the holes. If they are small and in less obvious places, there is probably a greater chance of fixing the sweater than if they are large, numerous, and very obvious. Judge
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To fix a wool sweater that shrunk you need to moisten the natural fibers with soapy water. You then need to wring out the excess water and stretch the sweater ...
1Mix 2 tbsp. baby shampoo in a sink full ...
Wool sweaters are very popular and generally are easy to care for. Sometimes they are washed and dried and end up having shrunk in size. You can try to restretch ...
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