How to Word Dedications for a Memorial Plaque?


A variety of wording choices can be used for a dedication or memorial plaque. A memorial plaque may state 'In memory of John Smith and his impact on the XXXX organization.' Other options may include 'Presented in recognition, memorial, and dedication to John Smith.'
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1. Talk to the people in charge of the project to understand the basic sentiment the congregation wants to preserve. Write down their ideas. Concentrate on three areas: the work or
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1. Start the wording with a phrase such as "In Loving Memory. Plaques used to honor a passing of a loved one often start with words such as these. "Always ...
1. Lead with reverent phrases such as "In Loving Memory Of" or "Dedicated to the Memory Of. 2. Follow the initial phrase with the person's full ...
1. Brainstorm the points you would like to make and jot them down. If the employee or volunteer is enthusiastic, hardworking, organized or dedicated, mention it. ...
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