How to Word Going-Away Party Invitations?


Going away party invitations should be based on where the person is going. The wording should be cheerful and positive, and can be worded with 'the person is moving on to a new adventure'. The date, time, place, and any mention of gifts should also be written on the invitations.
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1. Begin the invitation with the honoree's name and the reason for the party. For example, write, "Harold leaves on his African safari next week" or "Shari is moving
1. Determine what kind of party you're having. Why are they going away? Where are they going? Figuring this out will help you to tailor the party to the honoree's leaving situation.
another word for go away is please can you leave me alone.
YOUR PRESENCE REQUESTED. AT. Higher Learning Bon Voyage Party! "TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!
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