Wording on Retirement Plaque?


A plaque recognizing the achievements of an individual as they are getting ready to retire is a great way commemorate them and makes for a great and unique gift. Be sure to have wording including words like recognition, remember, appreciation, distinguished, devoted, outstanding, service, dedication, and distinction. In appreciation or in recognition is a good start to a retirement plaque. Congratulations, best wishes, you will be remembered, and we will be forever grateful for are good sayings to include.
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Plaques from the company to commemorate the retirement of a valued employee are common and often appreciated. They range from a basic plaque to one depicting the particular job the
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Retiring after many dedicated years at a company is a great accomplishment. A retirement plaque can be a token of appreciation from the company. Keep the wording personal and brief, as there is limited space. Acknowledge your gratitude and appreciation for the dedication of the employee. Wording could read, In appreciation of your loyalty and hard work throughout the years. Best of luck in your retirement. Have the employees name at the top of the plaque, and the employers name and date at the bottom.
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