What are some words that begin with the prefix "uni-"?


Some words that begin with the "uni-" prefix are "university," "unicycle" and "unisex." Some others include "unilingual," "universe," "unicentral," "unimodular," "univentricular," "uniprocessor," "unipolar," "unipersonal," "unigeneric," "unigenerational," "uniflow," "unicolored," "uniserial," "uniform," "unicorn" and "unipupilled."

The "uni-" prefix is used with words of Latin origin, as it is a shortened form of "unus," meaning one, or the single item. For words of Greek origin, the "mono-" prefix is used instead, though the two share the same meaning. These prefixes were adopted as a means of making compound words from loanwords, by pairing the appropriate prefix with the original language. The Latin prefix for something consisting of two parts is "bi-," and "tri-" is for three.

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Unicorn- a horse with a horn. Unitard- A close fitted one piece garment unitarian- someone who believes god exists in one person Unicameral-having or consisting of a single legislative
Unite, unicycle and unicorn are three great words that begin with
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