Words of Comfort for Sick?


The best words of comfort for a seriously sick friend or loved one are words offering help. Offer to listen, talk, clean, do chores, run errands, or babysit children, for example. Any words are good words when someone is sick because many people feel uncomfortable and don't know what to say. Regular communication can be the best comfort for someone who is seriously ill. Don't be afraid to pick up the telephone and ask what your sick friend or loved one needs.
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Instructions. Play her a soft and comforting lullaby. Music often relaxes babies and soothes them to sleep, especially if you placed music for her when she was still inside the womb
1 If they have a cold or feel chilly, ask them if they want a hot drink. (Hot Chocolate, Warm Milk, Hot Water etc) Give them a blanket while they rest in a comfortable area. Ad 2
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