Words Spoken Per Minute Speech?


The words that are spoken per minute in a speech range from 80 to 180 words. Some people speak slow, and have a measured speech and pause a bit, while others say that more words would be equivalent to more information, that's if you don't speak too fast.
Q&A Related to "Words Spoken Per Minute Speech?"
1. Set a timer and read aloud fast. Set a timer for one minute and begin reading the page of a book aloud as fast as you can. Once the timer goes off, stop, count the number of words
If you listen to a standard speech with no long pauses it would be about 150-170 words per minute. If you write a speech that is the subject of simultaneous interpretation it is better
People tend to dictate at about 105 words per minute. Thanks!!! ChaCha
1 Find words per hour. That information should be in the word problem. 2 Divide that number by 60 (minutes). You should get your words per minute. Example: Julie, a 4 year old, read
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