Words That Begin with Short I?


A short I is the sound that I makes in the word 'it.' Words that begin with a short I include: igloo, iguana, India, insect, inside, inch, imp, ink, ichthyosaur, Ichthyosauras, igneous, Iguanodon, Illinois, illusion, impact, impala, in, incandescent, independence, India, Indiana, infant, interjection, Internet, intersection, intertidal, invento, invitation, isthmus, Italy, inable, inaccordant, inaccurate, inactive, inadequate, inadmissable, inadvertant, inadvisable, inaffected, inamiable, ignite, ignorant, ignition, ignore, illuminate, illegitimate, illegal, illogical, illiterate, illustrator, issue, Israel, and israeli.
Q&A Related to "Words That Begin with Short I"
Some words that begin with the short 'i' sound are: information. intuition. inability. invariably.
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