What are some words that have negative and positive connotations?


Words with positive connotations include childlike, dove, home, lean, modest, slender, thrifty and youthful. Words with commonly regarded negative connotations include babe, chick, broad, chatty, chicken, lackadaisical, miserly, mutt, procrastination, pushy, skinny and uppity, according to Your Dictionary. A connotation is an implied meaning that is associated with a word.

Your Dictionary defines a connotation as an idea suggested by another idea. A connotation can be derived from an image as well as a word. A connotation may differ from the literal meaning of the word. The connotation may have an emotional or cultural significance. Literature is filled with many connotations. For example, in George Orwell's "Animal Farm," pigs connote powerful, corrupt people, while the other animals represent the revolution. In William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18," a summer's day connotes beauty.

Your Dictionary lists connotation pairs that describe the same thing, but with one of the words carrying a positive connotation, while the other carries a negative connotation. Some examples include: astute and sagacious, bossy and dominant, bum and homeless, cheap and inexpensive, childish and childlike, cocky and confident, conceited and self-confident, cowardly and prudent, difficult and challenging, fired and terminated, foolish and unwise, headstrong and determined, job and career, lazy and relaxed, nag and remind, nitpicking and meticulous, nosy and inquisitive, old and mature, out-of-date and time-tested, pig-headed and stubborn, politician and statesman, scrawny and thin, stingy and economical, and stubborn and persevering.

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negative:slavery. positive:doing a job.
Since the asker changed the context of the question, I will change my answer. There is a sister word to "judgmental" that isn't so pejorative, and that word is "wise.
Positive and negative connotations for the word
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